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Know About Your Bug Exterminators US: Dewey Pest Control

Dewey pest control was basically formed in the year of 1929 by Ray M. Dewey. It was started as an one-man management. Since it started it has flourished into a company of hundreds of crew workers, fumigators, technicians, inspectors, and other office experts. Dewey bug control Services, Inc. owns and manages to operate approx. 32 branches throughout the State of California. Accurately said, it is the best bug control service provider in the area.

We all at Dewey Pest Control have been practicing to evict all the unwanted invaders for more than 90 years now by using only the state-of-the-art, that are environmentally safe ways of bug control.

Some Common Services We Offer to Our Customers

⦁ Residential Pest Control

⦁ Commercial Pest Control

⦁ Termite Treatments and Inspection Services

⦁ Lawn Pest Control and Fertilization

⦁ Bed Bugs

⦁ Bug Control

⦁ Mosquito, Bee, & Wasp

⦁ Tree Injections

⦁ And More!

What Categories We Work on!


We deliver the casual pest control packages that matches every requirement and every budget, showcasing the best and reliable pest control practices that tackle your concerns in the safest ways. All your residential pest problems can be solved by Bug Exterminators US.


We represent considerable authority in giving master “Wipe Out” facilities that predominantly target significant deep harbourages where they live, outside the compass of traditional medicines. Followed up with daily check-up, we secure customers with their business, reputation from the pests that can inflict. Call out for Dewey Bug Control to treat pests in your commercial spaces.

Why Choose Us?

We have millions of happy customers that are satisfied with our work and all the safety measures that we take. We, Bug Exterminators US are one of the most trusted and credible pest control service providers and that is for a reason.

When the pests can come back, we do it too – free of cost. We provide accurate reports of pre and post-treatment. Dewey Bug Control is well aware that for most homeowners, the reason behind their stress is not exactly that pests will return but they stress more about when.